Finally, the weather, proper for the polar river, came to Varzina. Never-ending rain and snow and temperature tending to zero. The river immediately reacted to this. The water instantly cooled down to + 5C. The level is growing. And according to the forecast, the next week before the first guests will be approximately the same. The fish enters the river slowly, having reached the Finnpool. Salmon has various sizes and every other has sea lice, as, indeed, it is supposed to be at this time of year.
Please, accept my apologies for some monotony of pictures. I'm fishing alone on the river and don't have enough possibilities for the view and variety of objects. I also want to reassure our first guests, that I spend no more than a couple of hours a day on the river and their large, fresh with sea-lice fish have not even entered the river yet. Danchukov.

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