The Camp was first set up in the summer of 2014 in the middle reaches of the Varzina river. It is located at the beginning of the deepest canyon on the river, right on its steep wall. If the weather is good, guests of the Camp have opportunity to observe salmon right under their feet, from a bird's eye view, without leaving the Camp. So the Home pool lies just under the open deck of the restaurant hanging over the river.

Camp capacity is 8 fishermen. In 2022, the Camp underwent a major reconstruction and now guests are accommodated in 4 cabins with double occupancy, which replaced tents. Besides, the Camp has a custom-designed tent-restaurant, combined with a kitchen. The camp has scheduled electricity and hot water 24 hours a day.

Spacious double cabins with a patio, set on wooden flooring. They combine a fixed roof, wooden end walls with a door and double-glazed windows, and  lengthwise walls made of modern durable and waterproof fabric. The cabins are equipped with wooden beds, a kerosene heater, a dresser, a clothes hanger, and electric lamps.

Restaurant for ten persons, combined with a kitchen. It is a large Australian tent with panoramic windows under a fixed metal roof. It is installed directly on a steep cliff, plunging into Varzina. At breakfast or dinner, the distance from you to the nearest salmon will be within casting distance.

The shower room is equipped with two sinks and two showers. Cold and hot water round the clock. Good shower pressure is ensured by an electric injection pump.

The adjacent room with a shower is a drying room where guests of the Camp can dry their gear after fishing. Every night, there is a kerosene heater running.


Electricity 220V. 10 hours a day. It is served in the morning from 7.00 to 12.00 and in the evening from 18.00 to 23.00. This is practically all the time you will be awake in the camp, and not on the river.

Satellite phone and internet connection for extra cost. No other technical communication with civilization is available.

Motorboat. It makes a 2km round-trip transfer along Filippov Lake every day. It allows you to avoid hours of walking over rough terrain.

Fly shop. If desired, guests will be able to replenish their fly boxes and tackle in our fly shop, as well as purchase clothing and souvenirs with branded symbols to remember the trip.

The main pools are equipped with portable gas burners with kettles. In the necessary spots there are rubber boats for crossing. In two places on the river there are wooden houses where you can spend the night if you wish without returning to the camp. All pools are equipped with  landing nets.

Helicopter Robinson. Optionally, you can use the helicopter to transfer three people to the pools at a time. It must be negotiated in advance and paid separately.

Camp manager.