The first calendar day of summer on Varzina was marked by the first trophy salmon landed on Pakhta. 104cm of silver were seduced by the traditional German Snaelda.
The water temperature in Varzina under the stream is already +10C, at home pools: +7C. The water level is decreasing and there is almost no snow left. The only hope for the not yet melted Enozero and promised precipitation with a cold snap. However, apparently, with the first guests we will be fishing with floating lines, as it can already be done even now in some places. Fresh fish has already been noted on Sidorovka and Drozdovka, so the first groups will not have to worry this year. Silver fish is already everywhere and the conditions for catching it are excellent. The mosquito is already active, the birch trees are green, the conditions seem, as if it is not the beginning of June, but its end.

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