Fishing report from Varzina river, Cliffhanger Lodge, 07-13.08.2022.
During this period of time, Varzina is worth to be called a "windy river". Surprisingly, but during the whole week the very strong southerly wind gusts up to 20m/s was blowing. It regularly brought cumulus clouds with it, which shed a short but heavy rain, which allowing the river to maintain a fishing-friendly water level and temperature, that remained within +15C+16C. Surprisingly, fishing wasn't so great and river brought only single samples of salmon, which therefore did not impress with its size. General number of salmon landed this week was 35 fish by 7 guests. The biggest salmon was 95cm in length. Well, it's fishing, this also happens. Anyway, the guests were pleased with the direct contact with nature and hunt for fishing fortune.

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