Fishing report from Varzina Cliffhanger Lodge, 03-10.07.2022 week.
Last week was much more interesting than previous ones. Landing nets were dipped in the water more often and didn’t wither on the banks as on previous weeks. Water warmed up and sometimes during hot days showed +18C, but then its temperature went down to +15C. Water level still stayed nice, though it continued to go down little by little. Fishing was comfortable, as all spots still has some current.  Finally Home pools of Cliffhanger Lodge started to bring fish as well as bites every day, and this will continue till the end of the season. Home pools of Main Lodge on Varzina also began to work. If previously salmon absolutely ignored them, now Golden, Ice and Mainstream turned on and fish didn’t pass them.
This week grilse entered the river and surprisingly met kelts, which stayed in the river too long this season. We landed a couple of kelts and hope that they were the last ones this season. All in all caught fish was of good quality, though catchings were mixed up with grilse. There were no big ones. However, 3 salmon were over 20lbs (94cm, and 2 samples of 95cm). As a result 72 salmon were caught this week. We hope that next week will be better, though it became clear that this year won’t be too abundant.

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