Fishing report from Varzina Cliffhanger Lodge, 17-24.07.22 week.
Another salmon fishing week at Cliffhanger Camp on Varzina river came to its end. It’s time to look back. Let’s start with the fact, that there were only 2 guests at Camp this week, so all fishing pools belonged to them. Nevertheless fishing was rather tough. Salmon didn’t jump on the hook and didn’t show up very often. However, as they say, the road ahead is foggy!  As a result 13 salmon were landed this week. Though guests didn’t park anything “special”, each of them managed to fight with a big representative of water element, each of them had chance to pull a tape measure out of the breast pocket and chalk up a record fish. Unfortunately, salmon didn’t share fishermen’s expectations. In the first case it escaped from the hands already on the bank. And in the second case, it banal broke 0,38mm leader. Well, it will be something to remember! Life and fishing go on!

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