Varzina River Club 12.06-15.06.23
The results of the first days on Varzina: 17 fish for 4 rods in 4 days. Top 98, 99 and exactly 100cm. The best
pool was expectedly Finnpool. The fish has reached the Long Walk pool, tomorrow we will test the Waterfall. Level in
the river is excellent. In most places you can already use a floating line. Temperature was +9C.
Fish through one was with sea lice, but it's still not in big numbers and fishing is still tough.  Unfortunately,
quite a few escapes. The results are not even: one day without results, the other seems to be quite cheerful.
The weather was also not really favorauble, either the sun or the strongest wind.
However, almost all guests caught their trophies, and two of them joined the Varza 20lbs+ club. Our

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