Fishing report from Varzina Cliffhanger Lodge, 05-11.06.2022.
First week of this season on Varzina came to its end.  It turned to be rather tough. Despite the fact that guides caught first fresh salmon already in May and there were no doubts that salmon entered the river, our guests had a tough time.
The sky high water level didn’t change during the week. The water temperature was also stable, so that thermometer didn’t want to show temperature over +3C. Only Pakhta and Penka warmed up till +6C+7C by the end of the week. In these conditions Hourglass pool turned out to be the most productive. One could explain this by water temperature, but on Penka there was even not a bite. All in all the conditions wasn’t perfect for great fishing. This affected the results of the week: only 7 fresh salmon and about two dozen of kelts.
All landed fresh salmon was just from the sea. Half of them had sea lice. The weight wasn’t big enough for this time of the season, 5-8 kilos. This gives us hope at least for the number of fish in the river. Salmon of such size rarely comes in single samples.
It seems that conditions didn’t let us have better results yet.
Big salmon is surely present in the river, however we met it only once on Pakhta. As mentioned above it was the most productive pool of the week: 4 salmon out of 7 landed. Vladimir had chance to improve this result, but either 0,52 monofilament was too thin or salmon was too big for it, nevertheless the the last one came out in victory, carrying a trophy fly in its mouth.
Looking forward to decreasing water level and increasing results.

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