Fishing report from Varzina River Club, 27.06-04.07.2021
New week didn’t bring so longed-for fishing activity. Fishing was still rather tough, so that fishermen even had to “scratch out” fish from the river. Group managed to land more fresh fish than on previous week. However, numerical value is still 3-4 times lower than usual ones during this time of the season.
The weather was bearable, there were no complaints about water level. Water temperature was also ideal, it stayed +11C-+12C during the whole week. One should accept, that we had the smallest salmon run this season.
Salmon is caught on almost all main pools of Varzina, but each sample was laboured. It seems that all kelts had already rolled down to the sea, only one was landed this week. So now there’s only silver fish in the river.
There’s a good fishing for trout in littoral zone of Varzina. It bites aggressively as usual, so there’s no problem here.
As a result all 6 guests caught their salmon. All in all 30 salmon was landed. Some guests were more lucky. For instance, Dmitry caught over a dozen of salmon, including the biggest one - male salmon of 95cm, landed on Finnpool on Sunray Shaddow Hitch.

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