Fishing report from Varzina River Lodge 26.06-02.07.2022
This week continued with solid catchings on Finnpool, which brought up to 5 salmon daily for those, who arrived here. Maybe it's not a big number, but it was steadily and the majority of fish over 20lbs was caught right here. The second in stability and number of trophies was again Hourglass pool.
Water went down slowly, but by the end of the week still stayed above the ordinary level for this time of the season. Hot days warmed up water up to +14C and salmon finally approched Varzina Waterfall. During first days there guests had to seek out for fish, while by the end of the week it seemed that pool began to fill up with salmon.
First grilse entered the river. It's in small numbers yet. 5 grilse were caugh this week. It's interesting that it met kelts, which stayed in the river till July this season. The majority of fish was about 6-7 kilos.
As a result 6 guests caught 54 fresh salmon. 5 of them were over 20lbs, 2 of them were of 100cm. in length.
We look with hope to Waterfall. It's likely that it's gonna be hot there next week.

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